General Facilities and Services

The Common Room

Arie wants your stay to be as convenient and comfortable as possible, at a truly competitive price.

Among the basic services included in the price of your accommodations are clean linen, towels, and free use of the kitchen and the equipment therein.

Three of the rooms have their own separate bathrooms, while the Library shares the bathroom with the common area.


The spacious kitchen

The spacious kitchen

There is a large kitchen in the common area, which you can use to prepare food while you stay at the guest house. You can store food in the fridge – you will find a shelf labelled with the name of your room.

The two external rooms (The Workshop and the Unnamed Suite) have kitchenettes you can use, as well.

Please note that not everyone keeps kosher, so you if you do, you may find it convenient to bring disposable dishes while you stay here.

Internet access

The common room

We have free WiFi access throught the house, so if you’re travelling with your portable computer, smartphone or any other WiFi enabled device, you can surf the ‘net as much as you like, just be sure to ask your host for the access code.

If you don’t have your own computer, you can use the Linux-powered computer station located in the common room to surf the web, download photos from your camera, or chat with friends. There’s no enforced limit, but please be aware there are other guests who can’t wait to share the amazing experience that is Arie’s Awesome Eilat Guest House and Museum of Kitsch.

Satellite TV

The common room, as well as select rooms (The Gallery, The Unnamed Suite and the Workshop) have satellite TV, for the convenience and entertainment of the guests staying at the Awesome Eilat Guest House.

Laundry Facilities

There is a washing machine in the common area, available to guests for use at a symbolic fee. Contact your host, Arie, if you would like to use it.

Lounge, Yard & Roof Areas

While you’re putting your feet up and relaxing, or if you’ve just come back from the beach and want to recharge before heading down to the clubs, you can chill out in the lounge, take a nap in the hammock in the spacious back yard, or climb up to the roof for some sunlight and privacy. Wherever you are, you can count

Internet & Entertainment

Internet & Entertainment

Free WiFi throughout the house and a free computer station will keep you connected to your friends and family, and DVD, stereo and satellite TV in the common area and select rooms will keep you entertained on those afternoons when you’re recovering from a long hard night of partying. More info about our facilities here.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry Facilities

A washing machine is available for use by guests, for a nominal fee. Want to know more? Read about the best facilities available at the Awesome Eilat Guest House.

Home Cooked Meals

Home Cooked Meals

A few times a week, Arie cooks his specialty Weird Menu:
Arie’s Weird Goulash, Arie’s Weird Spaghetti Bolognese, Arie’s Weird Chili con Carne, and more. (Additional symbolic fee applies)