Museum of what?

Arie has travelled the world extensively throughout his life. Besides Israel, he has lived in South Africa, Denmark, Italy, France and the far east. He has travelled the Americas and criss-crossed India on his Royal Enfield motorcycle. Throughout his life and travels, he’s accumulated a huge amount of stuff. This testament to Arie’s unique taste for plastic trinkets, vintage lighters and toy trains, and many many other bits and pieces of weird, decorates the Awesome Eilat Guest House. Some of it is even in your room.

How far is it from the beach? From the clubs? From anywhere?

This is Eilat; nothing is really “far” from anything around here, and for actual on-the-beach locations, expect to pay upwards of $100 a night; plus, these will be the crowded, city tourist beaches. The truth is, many places are within walking distance (with the exception of the diving clubs and the best beaches further south, towards the Egyptian border.. See our upcoming post, Places to go and things to do in Eilat – Beaches for more info), but buses and taxis are pretty cheap and will take you anywhere you need to go. Buses are just under 5 NIS, and a taxi will usually be less than 20 NIS / $5 between most places. Just be sure to ask the driver to activate the meter.

For more precise information, you can see our location on Google Maps (opens in a new window). When you arrive, ask Arie for tips on some good clubs and beaches,

What is in the rooms?

In addition to general facilities available throughout the Guest House, each room comes with clean linen, towels and a cupboard. Some rooms have satellite TV and a kitchenette, in addition to private bathrooms. Find out more on our Rooms & Pricing page.

How do I book?

Just give us a call – +972-8-633-0144 (or 08-633-0144 if you’re in Israel), send us an email, or use our contact form to see if we have any facilities available. Please note that we’re on Israeli time, which is GMT+2. The time is now . Use this handy tool to find out when it might be a good time to call.

Okay, here I am in Eilat. How do I get to the Guest House?

The simplest, most convenient way is to just walk to the nearest road, flag down a taxi, and ask to be taken to “Patio Antenna, inside.” From the central bus station or airport, this should cost you about 20 NIS, though large bags in the boot (trunk) have an additional fee.
Please remember, when taking a taxi, always insist on using the meter.
For our exact location, you can consult this Google map.

I’m sorry, what did you say your address is?

Addresses in Eilat are funny. Many locations in Eilat are known either by their name or their serial number. To get to the Guest House, you ask to be taken to “Patio Antenna, inside”. If you think that’s weird, our other address is “7035 over 2″.

Is the Awesome Eilat Guest House kid-friendly?

The house is not child-proofed, so small children should never be left unsupervised. However, independent, active children will find plenty to do around the house, with a small tree-house in the yard, boxes full of plenty of Playmobil and Lego, and a lot of space to run around in the house and yard.

Please note that Eilat in general is a smoking town, and in Arie’s Awesome Eilat Guest House smoking is permitted in the common areas. While with four rooms, the house is rarely crowded, you should take this under consideration.

Are there private bathrooms available?

Of course! Three of the rooms come with their own separate bathroom and toilet.

What forms of payment do you accept, and how should we expect to pay?

If it’s currency, we take it. Well, almost. US Dollars, Euros and Israeli Shekels are okay. We take cash and PayPal.

If you’re making a booking in advance, we may ask for a deposit (depending on the length of your stay and other bookings). We ask that you pay on arrival, and please check with Arie if you expect to extend your stay.

(Weekly and monthly rates may be available — check with Arie!)

Can I use the kitchen?

Absolutely! The kitchen is there for your convenience; store your perishables in the fridge, and make free use of the pots, pans and utensils.

Coffee and tea are there for you as well, so make yourself at home.
However, as with most guest houses, we ask that you keep the kitchen area clean, and wash your own dishes. If Arie’s own children have to do that, so does everyone else.

If you prefer privacy or kosher cooking, you might want to consider one of the rooms with a kitchenette.

What about meals?

Well, it’s called Arie’s Awesome Guest House, not Arie’s Awesome Bed and Breakfast. As such, you’ll have to provide your own food. However, Arie cooks his specialities a few nights a week, learn more on Arie’s Weird Menu.

What are the common areas of the Guest House?

Other than the kitchen, there’s a large lounge with satellite TV, stereo system and Internet station.

You can chill out in the big yard, at the picnic table or in the hammock, or you can climb up on the roof, and take in the scenery and local Eilat atmosphere.

There is also a shared bathroom in the common area.

I’m allergic to cats/dogs. Is that going to be a problem?

Arie has one small dog, who still has a couple of years left in her, but no cats.

However, you should be aware that cats do get into the yard occasionally before being shooed, and cats generally inhabit all Israeli cities and are considered a bit of a pest problem. If you’re deathly allergic to cats, you *might* want to reconsider the whole Israel thing. They’re pretty much everywhere.

Internet & Entertainment

Internet & Entertainment

Free WiFi throughout the house and a free computer station will keep you connected to your friends and family, and DVD, stereo and satellite TV in the common area and select rooms will keep you entertained on those afternoons when you’re recovering from a long hard night of partying. More info about our facilities here.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry Facilities

A washing machine is available for use by guests, for a nominal fee. Want to know more? Read about the best facilities available at the Awesome Eilat Guest House.

Home Cooked Meals

Home Cooked Meals

A few times a week, Arie cooks his specialty Weird Menu:
Arie’s Weird Goulash, Arie’s Weird Spaghetti Bolognese, Arie’s Weird Chili con Carne, and more. (Additional symbolic fee applies)