I love to hear back from my guests, once they’ve left. I enjoy the company, and have made many friends among my guests over the years .

If you have pictures to send me, or stories to share, please email me at my feedback address: feedback (at) eilat guest house (dot) com, and I’ll post your stories on the blog.

If you’d just like to leave a comment, you can use the comments area below.

Thanks for staying!

  1. Konstantin says:

    Hi, Arie! We had an unforgettable time at you home! Yeah, I guess you know what I’m talking about! All our trip around the Israel I can separate on two parts – at you home and other. I will advise your home to my friends if they are going to visit Eilat! :)

  2. Katherine says:

    Ari, thank you for the most brilliant introduction to Eilat! Moreso thank you for making your amazing home my home in Eilat. Your beef goulash is awesome, surpassed only by your fantastic company! I loved the dolphin reef but chilling out with you and enjoying your always hilarious and engrossing conversations on the rooftop remain the highlight of my stay. Thank you and stay awesome you sweet crazy man :)

    It goes without saying that I think if you’re coming to Eilat, I think you’re missing the best part if you bypass ari’s place. You’ll have just as much fun, probably more, hanging in ari’s than at the beach! And I love the beach! I can’t recommend it more, I’ve never had a more welcoming and gracious host or stayed in a place more like home.

    Hopefully our paths cross again Ari! Thank you again, was truly a fantastic stay :)

  3. Alex says:

    We used Arie’s guesthouse only for sleeping (tight schedule in Eilat!) but what a great place it is! Make sure you check all the books Arie has and share a couple of beers with him. I do recommend a great company of Arie for all traveling in Eilat.

    Я искренне рекомендую гестхаус Ари!

  4. michal naim says:

    אריה תודה רבה!!! אחת החופשות הטובות בחיי. האירוח היה מדהים, החדר היה נוח ומרווח והאווירה היתה רגועה, נעימה ומשרה שלווה.
    גם הבת הגדולה הכריזה שהרבה יותר טוב אצל אריה מאשר בבית מלון וגם הקטנצ’יק בכה כשסגרנו את הלול שלו ואמרנו שהולכים הביתה.
    מחכה כבר לפעם הבאה


  5. David A Novak says:

    I think Arie said that I was his first actual guest–I’ve been meaning to get back to the site since last spring. I think that my comes down to the fact that Arie treated me like an old friend. As a visitor–I got the feeling from others that Arie’s style harkens back to an Israel of an older time.

  6. Yishai says:

    Just got back from 4 days in Eilat. Arie’s guesthouse was a highlight – what a chilled out, fun place! We booked a room with little knowledge about the place other than a recommendation, and discovered that Arie offers much more than a place to stay. Homely atmosphere, full equipment to cook/bake/barbecue it yourself, a chilled out lounge for when you just can’t be outdoors (might happen at 47C degrees) and most importantly great company around the table or at the bar. Thanks, very glad to find out a place like this in Eilat, definitely coming back!

  7. Amit, Maya & Noam says:

    I can honestly say about Arie’s Awesome guest house is that It really is awesome!!
    The facilities are with high standards, convenient and with a very ‘hommy’ filling.
    We stayed at Arie’s guest house as a couple and since then we came back many times, where the last times were with our daughter Noam (1.5 years old). The guest house is suitable for loners, couples and small families.
    The common areas are very pleasant and useful. They allow you to spend time out of your room, meet some interesting people (maybe get to meet Arie), and give the children a place to play.
    You’ll get from Arie the best recommendations for restaurants and places to go out to, but the best meals are in Aries kitchen. Either you eat what’s on Aries mind or you can buy your own groceries and use the kitchen to cook for yourself.
    Basically the guest house is great and the area is near all the good places in Eilat.
    But the best thing about Aries Awesome guest house is Arie.
    About Arie I’m not going to say much. He really is a character (this you have to see for yourselves). All I can say is that before Aries guest house we used to visit Eilat once every few years, each time in a different hotel.
    Since we met Arie, we visit Eilat 3 times a year (!) only in Aries guest house, and not only because of the low prices (even though it is a great advantage).
    So have a good time in Eilat, maybe we’ll meet at Aries saloon.
    Amit, Maya and Noam Cohen.

    P.S – Noam doesn’t want to stay anywhere else in Eilat but Aries guest house, and honestly, she sleeps there better than any of the hotels we’ve been to.

  8. Erez, Nava and kids says:

    We decided to take a spontaneous trip to Eilat and called up Arie to make sure we get together. Crashing over at Arie’s guest-house was the most natural thing for us to do. Me, my wife and our 3 kids (2, 4, 7) drove down to Eilat for the weekend and were welcomed to Arie’s completely renovated patio to find that 2 bedrooms were made for us, each one with a private bathroom, twin bed, a TV/Cable set and desert cooler. But, what we love most when we come to visit is the great company. Conversation with Arie is revealing and there’s always a new face to be acquainted to.
    Our usual trips to Eilat were expensive and came down to hotel bedrooms and lazing at the pool (most of the time chasing the kids), but this time we borrowed goggles and spent both days at the beach 8-) After putting the kids to sleep, we called up a local babysitter and joined Arie to get the feel of Eilat’s night life…
    Once you get to know Arie, you’ll quickly learn of his passion to grilled food. Steak, steak and more steak (yeah, some fries/mashed potatoes on the side too) , that was the corner stone of our nutrition that weekend…. Yummy!
    Thanks for a wonderful time and your great company, see you again soon!

  9. Jason says:

    To all you there looking for a friendly place to stay in Eilat – this is the place!
    We (My wife, 2 daughters and myself) had a wonderful time at the Arie-inn. We stayed there for 3 nights.
    The kitchen facilities were excellent, we used them for both breakfast and dinner. We can recommend Arie’s chille con carne, which is what we had on our lazy night.
    The place is very convenient for kids as it is a closed area, with enough to keep the kids occupied (playmobile, lego, TV and if you’re really nice Arie may agree to show you his Electric train). There is also a nice play ground just outside the guest house.
    As for things to do in the area – the Guest house itself is the main attraction, between Arie himself and his ‘Museum of Kitsch’ there wont be a dull moment…
    So if you’re looking for a budget friendly home away from home, I strongly recommend this place!

Internet & Entertainment

Internet & Entertainment

Free WiFi throughout the house and a free computer station will keep you connected to your friends and family, and DVD, stereo and satellite TV in the common area and select rooms will keep you entertained on those afternoons when you’re recovering from a long hard night of partying. More info about our facilities here.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry Facilities

A washing machine is available for use by guests, for a nominal fee. Want to know more? Read about the best facilities available at the Awesome Eilat Guest House.

Home Cooked Meals

Home Cooked Meals

A few times a week, Arie cooks his specialty Weird Menu:
Arie’s Weird Goulash, Arie’s Weird Spaghetti Bolognese, Arie’s Weird Chili con Carne, and more. (Additional symbolic fee applies)